Proportional spool valve (integrated electronics and LVDT) WDRFA06_ACB1_24

Proportional spool valves NG6

Direct operated proportional spool valve with integrated electronics in flange design NG6 acc. to ISO 4401-03 / 7790 with 4 ports. The valve possesses an integrated positional cont-rol of the valve spool. This assures a minimal hysteresis and improved dynamic characteristics. Housing for electronics with protection class IP67 for harsh environment. The spool valve is designed acc. to the 5 chamber principle. The volume flow is adjusted by Wandfluh proportional solenoids (VDE standard 0580). Low pressure drop due to the body design and spool profiling. The spool is made of hardened steel. The body made of high grade hydraulic casting is painted. The solenoids are zinc coated and the housing for the elctronics is made of aluminium.

Proportional valves Proportional spool valve (integrated electronics and LVDT) WDRFA06_ACB1_24

Proportional directional control valve

  • Integrated amplifier or controller electronics
  • Integrated spool position control with LVDT
  • Direct operated, not pressure compensated
  • Qmax = 27 l/min
  • QN max = 20 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


Proportional directional control valves with integrated electronics are highly suitable for demanding applications thanks to a high resolution, large volume flow, minimal hysteresis and very good dynamic characteristics. They are implemented in systems calling for good valve-to-valve reproducibility, easy installation, comfortable operation and high precision in industrial hydraulics as well as in mobile hydraulics for the smooth control of actuators. The integrated controller reliefs the machine control system and operates the axis (position, angle, pressure, etc.) in a closed control loop. Application examples: pitch control of wind generators, forest and earth moving machines, machine tools and paper production machines with position controls, robotics and fan control.