Career changers

Wandfluh in Frutigen has had very good experiences in the past with motivated and willing career changers. Marco introduces you to what this programme looks like. The trained cook now works in our company as a machine operator and produces metal parts.

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Certificate successes

Sonam Shopa (Mechanikpraktiker EBA, Wapro), Kreshnik Gavazi (Produktionsmechaniker EFZ, Wapro), Malcolm Freiermuth (Polymechaniker EFZ), Hussein Saleh (Produktionsmechaniker EFZ), Tommy Christen (Polymechaniker EFZ), Lars Kämpf (Polymechaniker EFZ), Micha Sommer (Konstrukteur EFZ), Marvin Schlagenhauf (Polymechaniker EFZ), Matthias Wandfluh

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Poppet valve in sandwich plate

The poppet valve sandwich plate range is extended by a variant with a slip-on coil solenoid. With the seat-tight valve, flows up to 80 l/min and 350 bar can be switched. The coil voltage or the plug type can be easily changed using the slip-on coil principle. A corresponding valve variant is available for use in explosion-hazard areas of zones 1+2.

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How a 2-way slip-in cartridge valve works

The 2-way slip-in cartridge valves are inserted in the control block into a bore standardised according to ISO 7368 and closed with a control cover. In operation, they merely act as amplifiers, following the pilot valve on the cover that can be controlled manually or electrically via an analogue or digital interface. Combined with intelligent electronics, complex hydraulic circuits that are...

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