Ex-protection solenoid in stainless steel execution

Wandfluh has extended the solenoid coil MKY 45/18x60 with a new stainless steel execution. The solenoid housing is completely jacketed with stainless steel AISI 316L material. The solenoid coil is used in applications where there is an explosive atmosphere and an appropriate type of protection of the coil is required. It has a large number of diverse explosion protection certificates: ATEX, IECEx,...

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Almost 900 kg of tools will be shipped to Russia

Except for the heavy machines, the polytechnician Thomas Schranz will take all the tools for the WorldSkills competition in Kazan with him. A large part of them is provided by the Swissmechanic association or sponsors. Composing the tool list, looking for sponsors and gathering the tools was more time-consuming for Thomas than expected. Nevertheless, his list is almost completely ticked off. Now...

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Solenoid spool valve in stainless steel execution

Wandfluh has extended the proven flange spool valves for the modular valve construction with an execution for use in very corrosive environments. The valve is made from stainless materials and high-quality surface protection. It can switch volumes up to 50 l/min at up to 350 bar. Executions with 2- and 3-way functions are available. An optional detent enables valve actuation with a short...

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