CCC Certification

The Chinese market regulator SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) has introduced the new CCC certification requirement for explosion-proof products from the end of 2020. The CCC certification is based on the national Chinese GB Standards and Implementation Rules and applies to both imported and Chinese products.

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75 years Wandfluh

Solutions since 1946 - this 75th anniversary is a birthday that we want to celebrate in memory of the company founder Rudolf Wandfluh and his wife Gertrud, but also in memory of all the other people who have contributed to the success of the company. In the coming weeks, we will therefore introduce some of the people who have shaped our company's history on our LinkedIn page. Because it was and is...

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Career changers

Wandfluh in Frutigen has had very good experiences in the past with motivated and willing career changers. Marco introduces you to what this programme looks like. The trained cook now works in our company as a machine operator and produces metal parts.

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Certificate successes

Sonam Shopa (Mechanikpraktiker EBA, Wapro), Kreshnik Gavazi (Produktionsmechaniker EFZ, Wapro), Malcolm Freiermuth (Polymechaniker EFZ), Hussein Saleh (Produktionsmechaniker EFZ), Tommy Christen (Polymechaniker EFZ), Lars Kämpf (Polymechaniker EFZ), Micha Sommer (Konstrukteur EFZ), Marvin Schlagenhauf (Polymechaniker EFZ), Matthias Wandfluh

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