...designed to ensure corrosion protection and low leakage

Wandfluh valves are increasingly being used in the marine sector. By using stainless materials or equivalent surface treatments, corrosion protection is

guaranteed even in wet and salty conditions. When using water glycol as a hydraulic fluid, the inner workings of the valves are adapted accordingly.


The harsh conditions at sea require robust and proven technology that works reliably within a relatively high temperature range. In the marine sector, the Wandfluh portfolio focuses on corrosion and explosion protection valve technology with low leakage. The range of marine products additionally includes valves constructed specially for the underwater world which, thanks to their pressure compensation, are designed for underwater robots with diving depths of 6,000 m. These valves are often powered by biodegradable water glycol. On numerous projects, Wandfluh has collaborated closely with its customers to develop partial or complete solutions that meet the high demands of the sector and the customers.

  • Ballast water management (actuation of ball valves and butterfly valves)
  • Ship’s hatch control
  • Brake systems for winches
  • Control of the manipulator arms of ROVs
  • Thruster control in underwater robots
  • Precise positioning with port cranes

A wide range of amplifier and controller electronics is available for the valve control. In the marine sector, this includes the explosion protection types on the one hand, directly integrated into the solenoid housing of the valves, and the integrated modules on the other, which can be installed separately in a control cabinet. In underwater robots, proportional valves with integrated electronics are generally installed since their construction is very compact. In addition to the traditional construction, Wandfluh also offers the option to control the valves via a display with an integrated keyboard or via a keypad. This has the advantage that status displays and warning signals from sensors can be shown directly on the display or keyboard.

  • Corrosion protection valves (up to stainless steel)
  • Explosion protection valves including electronics
  • Valve technology for high external pressure
  • Valves for water glycol
  • Valves with reduced leakage
  • Anti-cavitation protection
  • Smart control with electronics developed in-house via a bus system or directly on the valve
  • Miniature valves
  • Redundant systems
  • Individual customer-specific adaptations
  • Worldwide customer service