Powerful mobile machinery

Forces that can only be achieved with powerful hydraulic components.

Corrosion protection

Different corrosion protection classes for harsh application conditions at sea

Icy temperatures

Newly developed hydraulic valves for the low temperature range down to -60 °C

Thermal power plants

Reliable and safe valves with switching position monitoring

Brake Systems

Safe and sensitive braking characteristics despite high loads

Apart from a very broad, high-quality and low-priced standard product range, Wandfluh develops customer-specific hydraulic valves, electronics and software to precisely meet even the most complex requirements in customer projects.

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In the field of powerpacks and system construction, customer-specific solutions are developed and implemented from hydraulic valves and electronic modules. A broad knowledge of the components and many years of experience in system construction are the key for precisely coordinated system solutions.

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The Proportional Mobile Valves (PMV) program describes a flexible hydraulic concept that can be individually assembled and modularly adapted to any type of application. An internal pressure compensator is installed as standard and leads to precise, load-independent and sensitive control.

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Wandfluh Produktions AG manufactures mechanical precision parts and assemblies. In recent years, it has also established itself in the field of automation. It is continuously growing in a transnational and cross-sector market thanks to excellent quality and service at market prices.

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A good start to your apprenticeship!

We welcome our eight new apprentices and look forward to starting this journey together with you.


New lathe

Great, our new 3-turret lathe, Nakamura NTY3-100 with IEMCA Boss HD552 bar feeder has arrived. In future, this will be used to produce a wide variety of components for our valves, in batch sizes of up…


Proportional hydraulics

Discover the dynamic driving force behind system solutions in the form of proportional hydraulics. Learn how stepless, non-linear motion sequences can be realised with high precision, low hysteresis…


Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship

Dario Roth (constructor EFZ), Mykyta Krasnolutskyy (ICT-specialist EFZ), Silvan Josi (logistics technician EFZ), Sven Allenbach (polymechanic EFZ), Christoph Siegrist (production mechanic EFZ), Eron…


PMV Success Story, Dégra

There are many reasons to choose a product of Wandfluh’s Proportional Mobile Valves program. We could give you a huge explanation about the excellent performance and quality of our products... or we…


Wandfluh Qualitymanagement

Quality is key. Harrys Elayathamby, Head of Management System at Wandfluh AG, highlights the significance of quality within the company as well as for our partners and customers. "When making sure…

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Wandfluh has been shaping innovative thinking and passion since 1946. Striving for perfection, quality and customer satisfaction is the key to Wandfluh's success.

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From standard products through to products specifically tailored to the customer's needs. With Wandfluh, you will always get exactly what you need.


Redundancy and switching safety combined with a long service life are the main characteristics of components used in the energy sector. The hydraulic


Wandfluh valves are increasingly being used in the marine sector. By using stainless materials or equivalent surface treatments, corrosion protection is

Oil + Gas

Work involving highly explosive liquids and gases requires accordingly secured technology. Especially in the oil and gas exploration sectors but also in mines…


High power density and reliability in all weather conditions have always been important requirements for the use in the mobile sector. In order to carry out…


Applications in industrial machinery have always been geared towards precision, efficiency and reliability. With Industry 4.0, these terms are now becoming even…

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