Proportional 2-way flow control cartridge (all-in-one) QSPPM33_80

Proportional throttle valves, proportional flow control valves M33x2

Pilot operated, load-compensated proportional flow control poppet valve as screw-in cartridge for cavity according to ISO 7789. When the solenoid is deenergised, the control spool closes practically ­leakage-free. With increasing solenoid current, the volume flow from the inlet port (2) to the regulated outlet port (1) increases almost independently of the load pressure. For the control, Wandfluh proportional amplifiers are available (see register 1.13).

Proportional valves Proportional 2-way flow control cartridge (all-in-one) QSPPM33_80

Proportional 2-way flow control poppet cartridge​

  • pilot operated
  • Qmax = 100 l/min
  • QN max = 80 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


These valves are used in hydraulic systems, in which the positioning of loads and the simultaneous controlling of the lowering of these loads are demanded. The insensitivity to load changes and the very small leakage are a great advantage for this purpose. They are ideally used in the bypass to the pump. The screw-in cartridge is perfectly suitable for installation in control blocks. For machining the cartridge cavity in steel and aluminum blocks, cavity tools are available (hire or purchase). Please refer to the data sheets in ­register 2.13.