Drain valve sandwich construction BAH_4

Non-return valves, pilot operated non return valves, shuttle valves, pipe failure valves, drain valves, 3-way shifting valves NG4-Mini

Drain valve NG4-Mini with interface acc. to Wandfluh standard. Sandwich design. Valves for 3 flow directions are available. The sandwich body is made from phoshated steel. The turn knob from anodised aluminium.

Switching valves Drain valve sandwich construction BAH_4

Drain valve
Sandwich construction

  • Qmax = 25 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


Drain valves are mainly used in systems with an accumulator wich need to be depressurised for revisions. Amang the benefits from NG 4 Mini sandwich elements are flexibility in system lay-out, small space requirement and low weight.