Proportional control valve with integrated electronics


Proportional control valve with integrated DSV electronics

The proportional spool valve with integrated DSV electronics (Digital Smart Valve) now has the option of a 7-pole connector that corresponds to the connection standard used in many places.

The integrated spool position control massively increases the dynamics of the valve compared to a normal proportional spool valve. In addition, hysteresis is eliminated and the response sensitivity is increased. The valve finely and precisely controls the volume flow proportionally to the specified control spool position or valve opening. This from 0 to 32 l/min and up to a pressure of 350 bar. The integrated electronics offer various actuation options, from an analogue to a digital fieldbus interface. A controller variant is also available, which enables an additional control loop such as the position control of a cylinder. The available controller structures are optimised for use of hydraulic drive units. The valve of nominal size NG6 is available as a 4/3-way function with the designation WDRFA06. The valve is factory set and adjusted, so that an exchange in the machine becomes a simple Plug & Play.


Further details can be found in data sheet <link http: en product-liste product-single wdrfa06-24 external-link-new-window external link in new>1.10-82.