Practice competition for the WorldSkills 2019 in the field of Polymechanics / Automation


Practice competition for the WorldSkills 2019

In preparation for the WorldSkills Professional World Championships, which will take place in August in Russia, the training competition in the category Polymechanics/Automation took place from 18 to 20 June at the company Blum in Dornbirn, Austria. In Russia, the polymechanics will have the task of assembling an installation within 22 hours. Some ot the for it parts they will have to mill, turn, drill and file themselves. The installation is then correctly wired, tubed and programmed and its functionality evaluated. The candidates from Russia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland simulated the competition situation on the basis of a test project.

In addition to the technical knowledge and skills, mental preparation, dealing with pressure and nervousness will also play a decisive role at the WorldSkills in Kazan. Our two employees Thomas Schranz (participant) and Andreas Allenbach (expert) have returned from Austria satisfied. The practice competition was a valuable experience for both of them. So Thomas says that he now knows what he still has to work on and can concentrate on this during the last weeks of preparation.