Material shipment WorldSkills Kazan 2019 - Thomas Schranz sends 1.2 tons to Russia


Material shipment WorldSkills Kazan 2019

On 27 July 2019, the SwissSkills team loaded the material for the WorldSkills 2019 professional world championships at RUAG in Emmen for the competition, which will take place from 22 to 27 August in Kazan, Russia. The SwissSkills team met on Saturday morning in Emmen. After the welcome and general information about the pre-camp program before the competition or the dresscode rules for Kazan, the boxes filled with tools, work clothes and other utensils were labeled and loaded into the truck for transportation to Russia. The coming together of the team was also used for another mental training session: The participants wrote a letter to themselves in which they recorded their goals and emotions. They will receive this letter again in Russia before the start of the competition. The event was then moved to Nottwil, where they had a barbecue together and enjoyed the afternoon together. A total of 9.5 tons of material were loaded, 1.2 tons of which came from our employee Thomas Schranz alone. The polymechanic from Frutigen will compete in the category Polymechanics/Automation and will manufacture machine parts at the competition by milling, turning, drilling and filing, and then assemble them by wiring, tubing and programming to form a fully functional system. To do

this, he requires a wide variety of tools, from the normal screwdriver to the milling head, which removes the metal during milling, to the micrometer, in order to measure accurately in the thousandth of a millimeter range. So that he could already train during the preparation phase with the tools he will use in Kazan, he procured most of them at the beginning of the year. Since the measuring equipment in particular is very expensive, much of it is provided by sponsors, partly the manufacturer or the Swissmechanic professional association. Although the drawers of the two tool trolleys of the 20-year-old have been filled for several months already, the last days before the loading of the material were still a bit hectic for him. New tools were tested and what was missing had to be reordered. Each article was checked again, cleaned, treated with rust protection and packed safely for transport. The tool trolleys themselves also received the finishing touches and were provided with the inscriptions of the sponsors. The material was finally loaded in Frutigen on Friday and brought to Emmen. Thomas Schranz says: “I was quite nervous and tense before the material was loaded, but now I am glad that the material is on its way to Russia. I'm looking forward to the competition and I'm motivated.”

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