Fast approaches/fine feed valve sandwich construction VQ_SA10

Flow control valves, pressure compensation valves , fine feed / fast approach units NG10

Fine feed- / fast approach valve in sandwich construction. 2-way flow control cartridges (see data sheet 2.5-550) and 2/2-way solenoid poppet valve cartridges 1.11-2076 are installed. 2 standard nominal volume flow ranges are available. The sandwich body made of steel is phosphatized.

Switching valves Fast approaches/fine feed valve sandwich construction VQ_SA10

Fine feed- / fast approach valve
Sandwich construction

  • Qmax = 80 l/min (Fine feed)
  • Qmax = 120 l/min (Fast approach)
  • QN max = 70 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


The fine feed- / fast approach valves are utilised in hydraulic systems, which require an electrically controlled fine feed- / fast approach changeover, such as positioning controls on machine tools or elevation controls of elevating platforms, etc. Due to the sandwich construction, these fine feed- / fast approach valves can be integrated into stacked systems as an intermediate flange.