Pressure compensator valve sandwich construction U_FSA04

Flow control valves, pressure compensation valves , fine feed / fast approach units NG4-Mini

Pressure compensator valve with fixed setting in sandwich design with interface NG4-Mini acc. to Wandfluh standard with 4 ports. The steel body of the sandwich valve is phosphatized and the cartridge body is zinc coated for corrosion protection. The load is sensed in line A or B with an incorporated shuttle valve.

Switching valves Pressure compensator valve sandwich construction U_FSA04

Pressure compensating valve
Sandwich construction

  • 2-way operation
  • Qmax = 10 l/min
  • pmax = 315 bar


Pressure compensator sandwich valves are usually stacked underneath proportional directional valves. They are used in open loop circuits. 2-way pressure compensators may be installed in parallel pressure lines with a common power source to operate actuators individually. For each actuator the full pump pressure is available.