Solenoid coil UL-type MKU45_18x60_L17

Solenoids/Manual overrides NG4-Mini

For explosion-hazard zones Solenoid coil in acc. with UL and CSA for explosion-hazard zones. The flameproof enclosure prevents an explosion in the interior from getting outside. The design prevents a surface temperature capable of igniting. The steel housing is zinc-/nickel-coated

Accessories Solenoid coil UL-type MKU45_18x60_L17
Accessories Solenoid coil UL-type MKU45_18x60_L17

Solenoid coil MKU45/18x60
For explosion-hazard zones
Protection class IP65/67


The solenoid coil is suitable for use in all explosion-hazard zones. This signifies, that the coils are certified for applications in zones with explosion-hazard gas-, steam-, vapour-, air- mixtures. Valves for explosion-hazard zones are utilised in:
– the shipping- and offshore industries
– the oil- and gas industries
– the chemical industry

In combination with an armature tube, the function of a switching solenoid or of a proportional solenoid results. Solenoid coils in AC - construction have an integrated rectifier. All cable threaded joints certified for this explosion protection class with a protection class of at least IP65 can be used.