Throttle cartridge DN_PM18

Throttle valves, throttle non-return valves M18x1,5

Mecanically adjustable throttle valve  in screw-in cartridge construction for cavity according to ISO 7789. The throttle spindle which can be adjusted via a fine thread releases a ring gap or a triangular notch for the volume flow entering the port 1 or 2. The adjusted throttle cross section generates a pressure drop which determines the volume flow. When screwed in, the throttle closes practically leakage-free. The oil flow is possible in both directions. ​ ​ ​

Switching valves Throttle cartridge DN_PM18

Throttle cartridge​

  • Qmax = 25 l/min
  • QN max = 25 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


Throttle valves are used where volume flows have to be controlled continuously in both flow directions without taking into account pressure fluctuations. The screw-in cartridge is perfectly suitable for installation in control blocks and is installed in sandwich plates (vertical stacked systems, corresponding data sheets in this register). For machining the cartridge cavity in steel and aluminum blocks, cavity tools are available (hire or purchase). Please refer to the data sheets in register 2.13. ​