Pressure relief cartridge pilot operated leakage free BC_PM22

Pressure relief, backpressure, pressure sequence, accumulator unloading valves M22x1,5

Pilot operated pressure relief valve in screw-in cartridge construction for cavity according to ISO 7789. High flow capacity, very sensitively adjustable. If the pressure in P (1) exceeds the adjusted value of the valve, the excessive pressure is drained to T (2). The back pressure at T (2) is added to the adjusted value. T (2) can be charged up to the maximum. Hardened precision parts ensure virtually leakage-free closing. Rapid switching with low hysteresis and excellent stability over the whole flow range. ​

Switching valves Pressure relief cartridge pilot operated leakage free BC_PM22

Pressure relief cartridge
Seat tight

  • pilot operated
  • pmax = 450 bar
  • pN max = 420 bar
  • Qmax = 100 l/min


These valves are used for limiting the operating pressure in the hydraulic system or for protection against pressure peaks. Can be used in double pressure relief switches. The screw-in cartridge is perfectly suitable for installation in control blocks and is installed in sandwich- (vertical stacked systems) and in flange plates (corresponding data sheets in this register). For machining the cartridge cavity in steel and aluminum blocks, cavity tools are available (hire or purchase). Please refer to the data sheets in register 2.13.