Wandfluh Qualitymanagement


Quality is key.

Harrys Elayathamby, Head of Management System at Wandfluh AG, highlights the significance of quality within the company as well as for our partners and customers.

"When making sure that our products meet the highest standards, we significantly reduce defects and failures. Our customers benefit from fewer returns, saving both time and money. It's a win-win situation for all!"

Join us in our commitment to quality and delivering exceptional products!

When ensuring the high quality standards of Wandfluh AG, Harrys focuses on these three aspects:

1. Anchoring quality: Quality should be firmly embedded in the company, with every employee contributing to their work's quality.

2. Benefits of high-quality products: By ensuring top-notch quality, Wandfluh reduces defects and failures, benefiting customers with fewer returns and saving time and money.

3. Continuous improvement: Wandfluh analyzes processes consistently, optimizing them through targeted measures.