2/2-way slip-in cartridge


2/2-way slip-in cartridge for high flow applications

Wandfluh has revised the existing 2-way slip-in cartridge program and substantially increased the pressure resistance. Additionally, the flow geometry has been optimised and thus the flow significantly increased. The valves can now switch volume flows of 360 l/min (NG16) resp., 1000 l/min (NG32) at pressures up to 630 bar. The slip-in cartridge is available as a seat tight directional function. A variant with a damped spool enables a smoother closing of the valve, which leads to reduced pressure shocks in the system.

A pressure relief function is also available, which opens the valve independent of the flow rate at an individually adjusted pilot pressure. 2-way slip-in cartridges are the particularly compact logic valves for bloc construction. Thus, in the minimum amount of space the widest range of hydraulic functions can be carried out for applications requiring high flows. The valves are integrated in a cavity according to ISO 7368 and closed with a cover, into which a pilot valve is usually built-in.


Further details can be found in data sheet 1.12-215 for the nominal size 16, and in data sheet 1.12-235 for the nominal size 32.