PASO-SD6/DSV (RS232) old version

Parameterisation software for DSV with RS232 interface and SD6

The parameterisation software PASO-SD6/DSV (RS232) serves for the parameterisation and and diagnosis of all electronic cards of the DSV or SD6 type of Wandfluh. The software provides a user interface, through which by means of a keyboard or a mouse all adjustments can easily be carried out. The communication with the digital

Wandfluh electronics takes place either through a USB interface (SD6) or through a serial RS 232 interface (DSV). The PASO can only be utilised in connection with a digital control card DSV or SD6 of Wandfluh. It is necessary to carefully study the operating instructions of the connected digital control card beforehand.

System requirements

To be able to correctly utilise the parameterisation software PASO, a PC with the following requirements has to be available:

  • Operating system Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or higher
  • Standard VGA or higher graphic card, minimum resolution 1024 x 768
  • For SD6: at least 1 serial USB interface (USB 1.1 or USB 2.0)
  • For DSV: at least 1 serial RS232 interface. For notebooks without RS232 interface, this can be realised through a USB => RS232 converter. Note: not all USB => RS232 converters work properly, we will be pleased to assist in the selection.
  • For SD6: USB cable type A => B, male/male
  • For DSV: serial RS232 cable 1:1 (RxD and TxD not crossed)
Download and installation

The PASO software can be downloaded via the Internet free of charge.

The installation of the parameterisation software PASO is then carried out by executing the file "setupPaso_SD6_DSVRS232.exe". An installation program takes over the complete installation of PASO. For this, the Windows Installer must be installed. This is normally a part of the Windows Environment. If not, the Windows Installer can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website.

If there is already a PASO software installed on the PC, an update will automatically be carried ouz.

DOWNLOAD setupPaso_SD6_DSVRS232.exe