WorldSkills 2019


Kazan, we're coming

The winners of the SwissSkills have arrived in Kazan, Russia, where the WorldSkills 2019 will take place from Friday 23 August. The journey took them from Zurich to Moscow and with a domestic flight to Kazan further east, which lies directly on the Volga. The participants will have some time until the competition to prepare themselves mentally for the event and will be supported by a mental trainer. Important for success will also be a good team spirit and team cohesion, whereby one is perceived as a member of a unique team and can exchange and support each other in the team.

The experts also travelled to Kazan one day after the participants. They are accommodated away from the participants and prepare the competition site for the big event. The contact with the participants is forbidden for the time being, since they will have already in the apron insight into the tasks and premises.

On our Facebook page you can follow how our employees from Frutigen, the participant Thomas Schranz and the expert Andreas Allenbach are doing in Kazan and what they are doing.