Proportional spool valve for larger volume flows

The spool valve is pilot operated by a new proportional pressure reducing valve. The main control spool can thus be controlled very precisely with a low hysteresis. The cost-optimised construction of the pilot control leads to a price reduction of the overall valve. The valve can be operated up to a volume flow of 200 l/min and a pressure of up to 350 bar. The nominal flow at a pressure drop of 10…

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Proportional spool valve with integrated electronics DSV

The proven proportional spool valve with integrated electronics now has the new option of a 7-pole connector that corresponds to the connection standard used in many places. The valve controls the volume flow proportionally to the adjusted solenoid current from 0 to 32 l/min sensitively and accurately. This up to a pressure of 350 bar. The integrated electronics offer various options from an…

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22.02.2018  Spool valve, NG6, low leakage, 4/2-way, 4/3-way, WDEFA06…-Z546
Solenoid operated spool valve with lowest leakage

The spool valve in the nominal size NG6 was specially developed for applications in which the leakages must be minimal, or in which a reduced dimension is required. The valve can be operated with input pressures of up to 350 bar and switches volume flows of up to 10 l/min securely and reliably. The leakage is 4-6 ccm/min at 200 bar. The valve is available as 4/2- or 4/3-way function with the…

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25'000stes Wandfluh-Aggregat ausgeliefert

Seit ihrer Gründung hat Wandfluh Systems in Frutigen mehr als 25.000 Hydraulikaggregate hergestellt und ausgeliefert. Der Markt für solche Aggregate hat sich seit Produktionsbeginn stark verändert. Die heutigen Kundenbedürfnisse verlangen eine kostenoptimierte Produktion, eine platzsparende Bauweise, und fordern einen schonenden Umgang mit der Umwelt während der Produktion. Die Tatsache, dass…

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