Factsheet Wandfluh app

With the new Wandfluh app, the PD3 electronics can be parameterised wirelessly and encrypted via a smartphone or tablet. The individual amplifiers within range of the Bluetooth interface can be individually selected and parameterised. Due to various diagnostic options, the app is also an indispensable companion, especially for optimising a hydraulic system or error detecting in the field.

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Mobile Brochure

High power density and reliability in all weather conditions have always been important requirements for the use in the mobile sector. In order to carry out heavy work with large machinery effi ciently and yet also precisely, hydraulics that are well-adapted to the machinery are required. Precise proportional technology with the corresponding electronics and software is the key to this.

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Oil+Gas Brochure

Work involving highly explosive liquids and gases requires accordingly secured ­technology. Especially in the oil and gas exploration sectors but also in mines with high dust generation or gas influx, explosion protection is a hugely important issue. In order to carry out heavy work without risks in such hazardous areas, an explosion-protected valve technology was already developed and implemented…

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