Short delivery time

Due to the high vertical range of manufacture at Wandfluh, valves such as the new 2-way slip-in cartridges C_ENxx are still available with short delivery times. For individual items this is only a couple of weeks, for larger quantities a few months from the order date.

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Functioning of the all-in-one valve

The all-in-one solution combines multiple functions in one valve, thereby greatly simplifying the hydraulic scheme by eliminating load holding and speed limiting valves. This results in lower

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National Future Day

On today's National Future Day, 16 children aged 11 to 14 took part in our workshop and learned about the eight apprenticeships we train in Frutigen. During the tour of the company, they completed a small task for

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75 years Wandfluh

Solutions since 1946 - this 75th anniversary is a birthday that we want to celebrate in memory of the company founder Rudolf Wandfluh and his wife Gertrud, but also in memory of all the other people who have contributed to the success of the company. In the coming weeks, we will therefore introduce some of the people who have shaped our company's history on our LinkedIn page. Because it was and is…

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