Manual operated spool valve AH4_10

Spool valves direct operated manual actuation / mechanical actuation NG10

Direct operated spool valve, hand operated with 4 connections in 5 chamber design. Spool detented or with spring. Without actuation, the spool is held in the center position by the spring (4/3), or switched back to the offset position (4/2). With the detent, the spool is held in the last switching position selected. Precise spool fit, low leakage, long service life time. Spool made from hardened steel, body from high quality hydraulic cast steel.

Switching valves Manual operated spool valve AH4_10

Spool valve

  • Flange construction
  • MANUAL operated
  • 4/3-way with spring centred mid position
  • 4/2-way with spring reset
  • 4/2- and 4/3-way detented
  • Qmax = 100 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


Spool valves are mainly used for controlling direction of movement and stopping of hydraulic cylinders and motors. The direction of movement is determined by the position of the spool and its symbol. Manually or mechanically operated valves are particularly suitable for use in installations where no electric current is available or for applications in explosion hazard areas.